• Local Offer for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

    How does the nursery know if children need extra help and what should I do if I think my child may have special educational needs?

    When your child starts at nursery we will work together with you to assess the best needs for your child. After 6 weeks of being at nursery we will carry out an initial assessment which will give us an overall picture of your child’s development. If there are any areas highlighted, then we will discuss this with you at a parent consultation. With your permission we may involve outside agencies to help us observe, assess and plan the best way forward. We will take on-board any advice given. Once at nursery children are observed and assessed through their play continually. Children may have (ISP’s), Individual Support Plans where extra support and help may be needed. If you feel your child has special educational needs or have any concerns, you can speak to your child’s key person or the SENCO at any time and we will carry out observations in line with the EYFS. We refer to outside agencies where appropriate. 

    How will the team support my child at nursery?

    Your child’s key person will support your child at nursery, looking at their individual needs. We encouraged parents to be involved in children’s learning too. Activities and opportunities are adapted to meet individual children’s needs. Children may have an Individual Support Plan in place. The team have a graduated approach to children’s needs. Children are assessed, individual plans put in place and once carried out we review. This is with parents and if necessary, outside agencies too.

    How will the Early Years Foundation Stage meet my child’s individual needs?

    All planning carried out is based on children’s next steps. These next steps will be individual to each child. If a child needs extra support this is also in line with the EYFS. Observations and summative assessments are also carried out to assess where development lies and what activities and opportunities are needed to move this forward.

    How will I receive support regarding my child’s development and how will we work in partnership?

    Parent partnership is very important to us at nursery, we encourage sharing information between key staff and parents on a regular basis and we have an ‘open-door’ policy to this. We aim to assist in creating strategies for next steps both at home and at nursery. Learning journeys are maintained, which parents are encouraged to contribute to with events from home. More formal parents’ evenings are held at least twice a year to enable a detailed update to be given. Once a target on an Individual Support Plan has been achieved we will also meet with you to discuss next steps.

    What support will there be for my child’s overall wellbeing?

    Each child has a key person at nursery and is primarily responsible for their child’s learning and well-being throughout each stage at nursery. Prescribed medication will be administered by trained staff with the consent of parents and this will be recorded. Our nursery policy is one of inclusion and provision is made for all children to take part in all activities and events. The nursery has a very nurturing environment and excellent care for a child’s well-being in provided by all.

    What specialist services and expertise are available at/or accessed by the nursery?

    All the team are qualified to, or training towards NVQ Level 3 or above and hold paediatric first aid and safeguarding training. Other training is also accessed throughout the year – behaviour management, attachment, food safety, amongst a few. Specialist services such as health visitors, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy are all accessed when required. 

    What training have the staff supporting children with SEND had, or are having?

    A fully trained SENCO is employed who attends regular updates and network meetings. Staff are trained by the SENCO and nursery management regarding SEND through good practice, staff meetings and supervisions. 

    How will my child be included with activities that may happen outside of the nursery environment?

    All children can take part in activities and trips, with the appropriate adult to child ratios adopted at times. Parents can be involved when planning outings and are often invited to attend.

    How accessible is the nursery?

    The nursery provides an inclusive environment. Due to the nature of the building the nursery is not fully wheelchair accessible. There are dedicated toilet and changing facilities. We welcome many families where English is not the first language and we aim to engage their home languages and cultures wherever possible. Funds are set aside to provide resources to support special educational needs.

    How will you prepare and support my child to join he nursery, transfer to school or the next stage of education and life?

    A final summative assessment is prepared for each child to transition them off to school. Where a school has children attending who have SEN they are also sent a report from the keyperson and SENCO with copies of most recent Individual Support Plans. Key people will quite often visit the local schools with children and the nursery where possible will also be involved in transition visits and meetings with outside agencies and the school to help the school have a full picture of the child’s development and well-being. Lots of personal, social and emotional activities are carried out in the lead up to school and we may turn the role play area into a school with uniforms to dress up in for children.

    How are the nursery’s resources allocated and matched to children’s special education needs?

    Budgets are allocated for resources and extra staffing to support special educational needs. Where appropriate, we may apply to the Local Authority for an inclusion grant and bursaries.

    How is the decision made about what type and how much support my child will receive?

    A decision will be reached regarding the type and degree of support an individual child may require through consultation between the key staff members, SENCO, parents and specialists attached to the child.

    Is parent partnership actively encouraged within the nursery?

    Parents are encouraged to be actively involved always, contribute ideas and information from home. The nursery has an open-door policy where parents can see their key person, the SENCO, or the manager when required.

    Who can I contact for further information?

    Parents are encouraged to speak openly with their child’s keyperson, the nursery manager and SENCO. 

     This offer is accurate now, but services are regularly reviewed and could change. All information will be updated as soon as possible to reflect any new service offer.

    Date of publication: November 2017

    This offer is intended to give you clear, accurate and accessible information.

    If you would like to comment on the content of the offer or make suggestions to improve the information, please contact the nursery by email or telephone.

    Find out more about support for children and young people with special needs and disabilities:


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